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Habitat Outdoor & Repair is a family run business based in Martinsville, Virginia. Taking our children camping and kayaking over the years with friends has led us to be passionate about the outdoors. Children love new experiences and camping teaches planning, self-confidence, and a respect for nature. Some of the best times you can have are outside your home in nature. Often we try to encourage people to get involved in camping, and if you have the right equipment it can be a wonderful experience. Camping is an activity for all ages. There are unlimited resources to aid you in this great activity. Habitat Outdoor & Repair’s main mission is to put you outside enjoying the great surroundings and passing on this great activity to someone. So make a lasting memory and take someone camping.



Habitat Outdoor & Repair is a full service shop working on all models of equipment and vehicles. Our service mission is simple: To make our customer happy by providing great services. Habitat Outdoor & Repair will work on older models and new ones. Our parts department is willing to put in the extra time and effort to find the right new or used part. Our staff has over twenty five years in the repair industry and has formed many relationships within the industry. These relationships help us to go straight to the source for repair resources.
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Habitat Outdoor and Repair is a family run business dedicated to making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. We carry a full line of lawn and garden equipment, camping gear and much more.
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